Meet The Team

The Chick In Charge - Kelly Higgins-Devine

Kelly, aka KHD, formed The Afternoon Party because she had bugger all else to do one Wednesday afternoon between 1-3pm. 

Having been a lifelong observer of politics, KHD, aka @kellyhd on Twitter, decided it was time to throw her formidable energy behind creating a political party that just made up policy as it went and hoped for the best. 

Pretty much just doing what the others do.

The Bloke Who Backs Up The Chick In Charge - Chris Welsh

Chris, aka Chris, was quietly minding his own business when KHD decided to form The Afternoon Party live on air that fateful Wednesday.

However, he has thrown himself into the role of Deputy Leader with gusto, and says he'll be taking his cues from the great deputies of the past - as soon as he can identify any.

Chris is a keen cyclist, so given the proclivity of Brisbane drivers to try to sideswipe them or run them down, his days are numbered.

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